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Tragic = Causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow.

Beautiful = Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; Of a very high standard; Excellent.

Tragically Beautiful = High standards and excellence pleasing the senses or mind born out of extreme distress or sorrow, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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So many of us have a story to tell - a story of tragedy.  A story of beauty.  A story of beauty that has come from tragedy.  In this podcast we will be exploring the stories of individuals who have experienced that mysterious and wonderful rise, that rebirth that happens on the other side of abuse.  But in these stories, the "beautiful" will be the main character and the "tragic" a supporting actor.  Let's explore together the amazing things that can come out of the insatiable will to fight, the desire to let our situations make us better and not bitter and how sometimes our tragedies can be turned into beauty as we look toward the future.

Latest Episodes:

Do you have a tragically beautiful story you'd like to share?  Are you a professional, expert or thought leader that has valuable and actionable advice to offer to abuse survivors?  You may be a great fit for the podcast!  Express your interest in being a guest via the button below.  

*Please note: We will not be able to accommodate all requests to be a guest on the podcast.  Inclusion on the podcast is up to the sole discretion of the creator.

What People are Saying:
Seaside Terrace

"You are so gentle, relatable and genuine in your delivery. Thank you for doing this, Kathy.  Hope dissolves fear and builds strength. Even the smallest grain plants the initial seed of healing."

Greek Streets

"I needed this today.  Even 5 years out physically...this was the lift I needed to remind myself I don't have to fall down that hole emotionally today, I can pivot and give your podcast a listen instead."

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