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About Me

Kathy here!


I believe that health is a journey, not a destination. And I’ve certainly been on my own journey.

From suffering through a disease that almost took my life, to enduring several abusive relationships, mine has been a long and winding road - but a road that has traveled through much research and education, trial and error, and one that has brought me to where I am today.

This journey has given me a passion for helping other abuse survivors to live their dream lives and to understand that health and healing is the foundation for everything.

As an abuse survivor and a female entrepreneur who is constantly chasing after true and lasting wellness, I understand the unique needs that survivors and entrepreneurs have.

I will work with you to not only identify those wellness areas that could use some improvement, but also figure out the ways we can protect and optimize your energy so you can be the best you can be on the other side of abuse.

Transform your life

My Approach

Lasting lifestyle changes begin with two simple concepts:


1. Crowding Out

Have you ever had a toxic relationship suck the energy out of you? Maybe you’ve ruined a health kick because you couldn’t stay away from desserts. Crowding out is the natural process that occurs when you add more of the good to eliminate the bad. Using this concept, I’ll guide you towards a healthier lifestyle by strategizing ways to spin your negatives into positives. 


2. Sustainable Shifts

I will never tell you that making a lifestyle change is an “all or nothing” situation. In fact, transformation requires the opposite outlook. Lasting wellness can only occur if your shifts are sustainable. Slow, consistent changes will become the key to your lasting success—but only when you’re ready to implement them! My job as a health coach is to ensure that you stay on track at a pace that works for you.


M  y   Credentials

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