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Stop scrolling and breathe. Inhale your freedom and wellness. Exhale your standstill. Welcome to your future of healing, growth, and liberation from past abuse.

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But do you know that
Freedom from Abuse +
Your Spirit of Survival +
Your Desire to be Healthy = Transformation?

Ready to master this equation?

Your journey is more common than you think. Whether you're currently in, trying to get out of, or have recently escaped an abusive relationship, healing and dealing with the trauma takes time. It's natural to yearn for some space to focus solely on yourself and accelerate the healing process. But life goes on and its demands persist, leaving you daydreaming about the freedom to care for yourself and embrace life's beauty. 

“How will I ever break this vicious cycle?” You wonder as you pour yet another cup of coffee.

Breaking free from yet another toxic cycle may seem daunting, but I'm here to assure you that you are not alone. As a certified Health Coach and abuse survivor myself, I understand that true health encompasses more than just what you eat. I take a holistic approach and empower abuse survivors to cultivate their own independence, embracing wellness, travel, and business. Together, we can break the cycle for good.




None of us is immune to tragedy, But when that tragedy comes in any form of abuse at the hands of someone we trusted and maybe even loved, it is a wound that can take a lifetime to heal.  However on the other side of that tragedy there is often something beautiful to be found on the journey to healing and that thing is unique to every person.  On the Tragically Beautiful podcast, we examine how the road from abuse, though it be long, eventually leads to beauty: the lessons learned, the relationships healed, the forging ahead with life, forever changed.  While the tragedy is the vehicle, it’s the beauty that we focus on as we move forward from surviving to thriving.

Are you ready to meet the best version of yourself? When your health and healing are prioritized, independence is yours for the taking. By unraveling the 13 pillars of wellness, I'll help you implement small lifestyle changes that create vast improvements over time.

Escaping every now and then from your everyday environment and being able to envision yourself in beautiful destinations are helpful tools when healing from abuse. I'm taking you around the world to explain how health, travel and healing go hand-in-hand. Whether you can get out there in the wild blue yonder yourself or live vicariously through me, I’ll show you how you can gain so much healing from travel.

Entrepreneurialism is one of the best ways to find financial independence after escaping an abusive relationship.  And as an entrepreneur, the most important asset that your business has is YOU. Prioritizing your needs and healing is the best way to keep creative action, innovation and dollars flowing. Let's explore how you can create habits that directly affect your healing and the health of your business.

Client Testimonials

“I found it to be very helpful. It was a lot of information to take in but it gave me a new way of looking at certain aspects in my life. This program gave me a new routine, that has significantly improved my mornings and my overall attitude for the day."

Savanna M.

Transform your life by transforming your health

Your flight to a healthy life after abuse is now boarding
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